Saturday, January 14, 2012

A conversation overheard...

The other day when I went to the tailor to get my blouse stitched, there was a lady who was discussing blouse patterns with him. The conversation was hilarious because the lady was trying to fit in as much as possible onto the blouse and the tailor was trying hard to politely dissuade her. They seemed to have worked with each other for years and their conversation showed it. The conversation went something like this:
L: Kya design kar sakte ho yeh kapde ke liye? Dekho maine Alka se thoda sa embroidery karvaaya sleeve pe.
T: Haanh dekha, paan-galaa banaa doonga.
L: Aur kya ho sakta hain?
T: Aur kuch nahi, galaa ka design karoonga, bas!
Another lady came in at that time with some lace to be put onto the blouse she had already given.
L2: Aap woh pink blouse pe yeh lace lagaa denge na? Aur woh blouse princess cut rahega.
T: Theek hai, kar doonga.
And the second lady left after this exchange.
L: Yeh princess cut kya hai? Mere blouse pe kar do na.
T: Woh pattern thode young ladies ke liye hai; 30-35 tak ladies ke liye.
L: Woh lady toh 35 ki nahi thi.
T: Yeh blouse unke liye nahi hai, unke bhaanji ke liye hai.
L: Main bhi sochu aap unke liye alag cut kar rahe hain, mere liye nahi. Woh meri friend hain aur main uski umar jaanti hoon!
I think at this point the tailor gave up trying to advise her on keeping the pattern simple and ....
T: Aap kal dopaher ko aayiye aur pattern book dekh lijiye.
L: Kab aaoon? Dopaher doh baje (2pm)?
T: Haanh, doh baje.
And with that he turned to me and said, "Boliye, aap ko kya karwanaa hain?". His tone suggesting, he was ready to tackle another unrealistic female :)
I felt like asking him how many such ladies does he get in a day but let it rest, maybe some other day.

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